For the
first time in
 Blue & White’s 25 years of creating charming and original handmade calendars, we have brought red to the party. Red dispels the gloom and calmity of 2011. Red is a perfect partner for  Blue & White. It brings joy and helps celebrate the sunrise and sundown of each day. The new promise in each square.

Otafuku, Japan’s beloved Goddess of Mirth, is the star performer of our 2012 calendar. Her images are taken from tenugui patterns, Otafuku artifacts, and whimsical drawings of Otafuku at play.

Many of the Otafuku artifacts are waiting for you at Blue & White. You can’t have too many chirpy quirky faces to see you through the day! She reassures you that things will be fine. And even if they aren’t, a good laugh helps dispel life’s choppy moments.







We have marked full moons and auspicious days to help everyone go for the lucky, but just to be sure, we have invited Miss Otafuku, the joy of Japan to be with us each month.

Her face brings smile and merry making to you from Blue & White as you hang the calendar in your kitchen, in your study or your bedroom. Otafuku will make you smile and feel the goodness of each day, each week, each month, or just cheer you up.




Change is another essential for making life better. We have changed the layout of our calendar from horizontal to vertical, hoping that it will make you think again and reconsider each day and the next.



The squares are generous as usual to fit in all your dates, birthdays, appointments and evening plans. Each day precious, each day a gift.



2012 is in fact the year of the dragon – an animal that brings energy and splash and auspicious times to life.



Together with Otafuku they make a perfect couple – joy and delight coupled with energy and good fortune, we wish you all of these in 2012.

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6 Responses to BLUE & WHITE 2012 CALENDAR

  1. Michelle Allan says:

    Dear Amy and Hayasawa-San,

    How I miss being able to pop into Blue and White and see your smiling faces. Hope you are both well. I would love to purchase this years calendar. Could you advise if it is possible to send to Australia?

    Ogenki de

    • Of course, Michelle
      We would be only too happy to send you this year’s calendar.
      Just let us know your details – address and preferred method of payment – and we will send it to you.
      Post haste !

      Sochira koso ogenki de !

      b&w amy

  2. Darian Libauer says:

    Hi…I also want to buy one. Is this possible????? Hope so. Darian

    • Of course, Darian.
      Let us know where we can send it, and we will send the details on price and mailing.
      Glad you like it.
      Today is the last day of a big smiling Otafuku.
      Happy Lead Year !
      b&w amy

  3. Adrienne M. Peterson says:

    Dear Amy,

    We will be visiting Tokyo April 7-11 and was hoping that you still have the 2012 calendars. I want to purchase one if possible. I LOVE visiting your shop and purchasing blue and white items to add to my collection. My husband and I lived in Misawa, Japan for 5 years before moving to Okinawa, Japan. We have lived in Okinawa for 19 years. See you soon!

    • Dear Adrienne

      We will be waiting for you. The girls in the shop, as always, but I will be in my new Sakura location in Kiyosumi shirakawa in an old warehouse exhibiting my collection of old indigo textiles until the 12th – so your timing is perfect. Just get on the OEdo line from Blue & White and we are 7 stops away (I think!). They will give you the directions in B&W.
      And a calendar is waiting for you. See you soon. Thanks for writing.


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