On the one year anniversary of the life-shattering day of March 11, 2011, as it grew darker, the form of an indigo shibori glove hanging in the window of Blue & White was projected onto our sign Te, or hand.  This powerful sign was no accident. It was nature’s reminder to us all to go Hand in Hand for the long years of cooperation (teamwork) that lie ahead for Japan to resurrect, restart and rebuild.

Let’s all do our part and never forget our friends / brothers and sisters / in Tohoku.

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7 Responses to HAND IN HAND

  1. a very good reminder, not just for Japan but for all of us. Together, we need to really start caring for the children, the environment and one another.

  2. Blorgie says:

    Such a poignant symbol the shadow of a hand. But as you demonstrate sometimes beauty springs from sorrow.
    Carolyn x

  3. Wilma says:

    A poignant reminder of that terrible day. The courage of people to carry on in the face of such adversity is amazing.

  4. velma says:

    i remember, here in my little place. i wish i could work to help, but i will remember.

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