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5 Responses to SAKURA, HORSES & INDIGO

  1. Gogatsu desu. says:

    Oh How we’d love to be there! A few pictures would be very nice indeed!

  2. patriciabelyea says:

    The sakura blossoms are everywhere in Seattle right now. I would come to your show if I could, but it will be a while before I get back.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition, meeting Amy and the other lovely ladies. It was a wonderful setting for the beautiful textiles and I returned the following day to sit and sew in good company. Thank you so much!

    • It did my heart good to have you come both days and just sit in that mellow space and Chiku Chiku away.
      My favorites were three little boys aged 3,5 and 7 who came with their Mother and Grandmother and sewed intensely for 2 hours !
      Thanks for coming twice! Amanda

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