Some traditions go on without end. Our Blue & White calendar is one. We have been creating fresh and original designs every year for nearly 40 years and are already thinking of next year’s theme. The new 2017 calendar is all about patterns. Patterns of Textiles old and new, and the continuum of the Japan textile lexicon/ tradition that Blue & White hopes to perpetuate.












Blue & White now has a (very simple) e-commerce site where you can order the 2017 Blue & White calendars securely.  Please go to while supplies last!

Please note this site is only able to accept Japan issued credit cards for the time being.  If you would like to pay with a non Japanese credit card, please Please click on CONTACT on the top of the site, and enter your name, email address and phone number.

Please enter “Request Calendar Order” in the TITLE field, and provide the following information in the YOUR PROBLEM/ FEEDBACK field.

Number of Calendars Requested
[Shipping Details] – where to ship
Address & Postal Code
[Billing Details of Credit Card] – if different from Shipping Details
Address & Postal Code
Contact Number
Invoice [include/do not include]

We will process your payment through PayPal and contact you at the email address provided.

Blue & Whiteの2007年カレンダーをご希望のお客様、カレンダー用の簡単なウェブショップを開設いたしました。ご購入はこちらをご覧ください。

現時点では日本国内発行のクレジットカードのみ対応しておりますのでご了承ください。海外発行のカードをお持ちのお客様はお手数ですがページの上部にあります CONTACT をクリックし、次のページでお名前、メールアドレス、お電話番号を各欄に、また、件名欄に「カレンダー購入希望」と入力いただき、お問い合わせ内容の欄に以下の情報をご記入ください。

[請求先] (お届け先と違う場合)



Some traditions are subject to change. And the change at Blue & White will be a big one. After 41 years, we are being forced to move due to our new next door neighbors, Aeon Supermarket which is remodeling our old building  to comply with earthquake restrictions. Blue & White, though unscathed by the huge earthquake of 2012, apparently does not live up to standards and so must be torn down – can you believe it!?!? We can’t!

In order to remain the same, you must change, our landlord told us . . . so after the initial, and ongoing heart break, we are determined to make the CHANGE a CHANCE to clean up and clear out and upgrade and streamline and make a new statement of good taste in craftsmanship and the handmade excellence of Japan.


As a place of warm welcome and lively center of human exchange, Blue & White will NEVER change! We don’t know where we will move to. Somewhere closeby and in Azabu Juban, of course. But it will be soon.

The new Aeon opens on December 9th, ironically Blue & White’s 41st birthday. We will keep you posted by Blog and directly as well. We will make CHANGE a very exciting CHANCE for Blue & White to grow, though the space may be smaller ! – to redefine ourselves, and to distill the best of 41 years of a shop which is very precious to us all into a stimulating new space.

Look for the new Blue & White in January 2017.

Write it down in your calendar!

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8 Responses to BLUE &WHITE TIMES

  1. Mari says:

    Oh, this is heartbreaking news, indeed… unthinkable, really. I’m sorry for your upheaval, but perhaps this is an opportunity for new growth and generative change for Blue & White. I’m so glad I visited your beloved shop in January of this year, after many years’ hiatus — it was so healing for me to be there again and to take a few treasures home to California with me. Many blessings to you, Amy and staff, as you navigate these next steps. I look forward to visiting you again in your new location!

    • I promise to be here next time you come Mari.
      Just not yet sure where here will be.
      Thank you for writing.
      We shall treasure your blessings.
      amy et cie

      • Mari says:

        Amy, I received my beautiful calendar today and am so happy to have it — thank you, and for your kind note! My warmest wishes to you and your staff during this time of transition. —Mari

  2. Lis Harwood says:

    I wish you loads of luck in 2017 with your new location and hope the transition goes as smoothly as possible. Hoping to visit you next year wherever you are.

  3. Nancy Ukai Russell says:

    Hello Blue and White – is there still time to order calendars?I would like to order 9.  I am in California, USA.thank you!Nancy Ukai  PS I would like to call with my credit card number, if possible. 

  4. wow ! ! !
    And thank you dear Nancy !

  5. Cheryl Faison says:

    Hello Blue and White,
    I am in Tokyo visiting and want to know where I can find you? Have you moved yet?
    Looking forward to seeing you.

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