BLUE & WHITE has suddenly and mysteriously vanished.
In one quick day, 41 years of colorful history disappeared.
Totally demolished and leveled and fenced in. What a Shock!

We hope some of you have worried where we have gone, and wondered what has happened to us.
Into hibernation might be the best answer.

What was once a cozy shop filled with charm and quirkiness is now a memory, or a photograph.
The front of the shop was studded with ancient imari shards collected from the beaches of Japan. The walls were hung with old textiles and quits.

Even the bathroom had pizazz!


The old shop, created in the open space beside a supermarket, was deemed illegal and demolished to make way for the new market, super power AEON.
Blue & White was leveled and given space upstairs on the other side of the building.

We moved out of our 41 plus year premises on January 10, six weeks ago, and packed ourselves up into hundreds of boxes to sort and cull and edit for the New Edition of Blue & White – Fresh and Young and Sleek – to Debut in April of this year. Our new space on the second floor of Aeon Market in a bright window filled corner is sure to become a new landmark in Tokyo for those looking for Indigo, sashiko, handmade ceramics, tenugui, clothing, bags and presents in all shades of blue and white.

The pick of Japan.
All made by hand. All made with heart.
We will be even more exciting than before and showcase the best that Japan has to offer in blue and white.

We are excited about the change in Blue & White. We will be bright and beautiful and look out over the charming neighborhood of Azabu Juban. A new perspective/ vantage point.

We will be new and different in many ways, but still, as always, bring to the world the best and most extraordinary handmade crafts of Japan.

We take this change as a chance for us to remake ourselves into a young, dynamic and slightly zany, fun-loving place where people will be welcome to come and chat and enjoy themselves. Do come and have a good time, while having a look at what we have chosen. We offer you the cream of blue and white creations in Japan. Blue & White presents old ideas in new ways.

Look for the Blue & White checkerboard banners. They will show the way to the newest hot spot in town.
The New Blue & White in Azabu Juban –
Coming soon!
Think April.


The last dance in the old Blue & White
Indigo stoles by Ai Kobo Special
Abilities Workshop in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward.


By word of window
We let the neighborhood know,
it was time for a change . . .
However undesired.


After the party was over and we had moved out, we realized what a beautiful space it was for 41 years, in the very heart of one of Tokyo’s most lively and charming old times/new times neighborhoods where we could not just watch the world go by, but be a vital part of the neighborhood.


Down to the bathroom floors, the eternal blue and white combination was everywhere!


The movers wore blue & white And they RAN to deliver their blue and white boxes from storage.


Construction began yesterday. Wrap around windows will make Blue & White a new look out point on Azabu Juban, the charming old fashioned neighborhood where we have been for 42 years now.


Blue & White dreaming . . .  of all we can do with all those windows on the world, windows on Azabu Juban windows on the parking lot!


One artist’s rendering of what we will look like. But this is not half of it!

Our new space on the second floor of Aeon Market in a bright window filled corner will become a new landmark in Tokyo for those looking for Indigo, sashiko, handmade ceramics, tenugui, clothing, bags and presents in all shades of blue and white.


However new we become,
we will always embrace the old, the broken, the imperfect.
Surprising you with old things in new ways and new things you’ve never seen before.


Antique glass Go pieces, a Japanese game of chess.

Blue & White
forever spinning
forever presenting new ways of seeing Japan
and appreciating, no, loving it!


The good times will roll again soon.
Look for us on the 2nd floor right side of Aeon Supermarket.
We’ll be there as soon as we can.
Soft opening at the beginning of April.

Enter through the market, upstairs through the side door.
Formal opening: 29th of April when the escalator entrance to Blue & White is completed and you can enter through our front door.


Surprising you with old things in new ways and new things you’ve never seen before.


Old friends will be there.
Yoshida Ichiro, a wild and wonderful textile artist from Shikoku.

Below: Shobu Gakuen, an inspired and inspiring Art Center for People with Special Abilities in Kagoshima, Kyushu.




We will all be waiting for you to come and bless our new home
and join us making merry!



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  1. Mari says:

    Amy, wishing you and your staff a smooth move and happy settling into your new home! I’m sad, but also hopeful for positive things in your new location.

  2. Helen says:

    I was surprised to hear your shop had to move. I enjoyed shopping in your store when I lived in Moto-Azabu 15 years ago. I am American and would walk to Juban and go shopping. Good luck in your new location. I hope to visit your store again one day.

  3. Patricia Belyea says:

    A great story about an important transition. Congrats on your spirited approach to embracing change!

  4. Victoria says:

    Aw! Missing you just briefly!! I fly to japan Saturday, sad to miss you shop, but hears to new and fresh Blue & White!

  5. Hi, Amy,
    I have been introduced to your shop through a podcast by Patricia Belyea, Okan Arts. Will the new shop location be expanded with an online store, I hope?

    • Hi Sherry. Thank you for writing and reading Patricia’s web site.
      We’re working on an online shop but for now we are just enjoying our new space in Azabu Juban, and hope you will keep in touch via our blog.
      Good to hear from you.

  6. Julie Fukuda says:

    I gaze upward each time I pass and wonder when the first opening will be. I want to celebrate with you and wish you well.

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