The New Blue & White seems to be a magnet for new blues.

And that is what we feature in Blue & White to show to the world and to all who visit.

The parade of blues is unending and I can NEVER have enough. Nor do I ever cease to be amazed by the NEW BLUES !

Look at what just moved in to the small Palette Gallery next door to Blue& White! The luminous one stroke! Blue paintings of Mina Kazuki, a young artist similarly obsessed with blue. Her group show ended on June 19.


I am asking her to paint a special One Stroke Blue for Blue & White


Blues to wear always draw my eye, but this kimono worn by Mayumi Barakan after her stunning dance performance was Divine.

At last I have seen the PERFECT kimono! Mayumi told me she had had it for 20 years or so, but it was still fresh and lustrous.  Silk kasuri in all its glory.


Even from the back it was mesmerizing.  I couldn’t stop staring!  Or taking photos.


The blue and white washi, Japanese paper necklaces of Kyoko Fujimura bring joy and playfulness to all who try them.  This amusing woman who lives in Azabu Juban performed a jig of joy for us inspired by her new necklace.  She bought two.


This customer from Seattle was happy to take the washi earrings home with her.



Necklace made from deep indigo washi by Kyoko Fujimura


Blue plates and rag weave rug by artisans of Tamagawa Special Abilities craftsmen sell out as soon as they come in.

When our new visitor, Monica met the artisan who made the rag weave tapestry, she immediately wrapped it around her to wear and take home. Both were thrilled !


Gouged blue plate by Tamagawa Workshop



Even my dearest friend has caught the blue and white bug – and mastered it ! Voila!


Blue cloth.

Indigo dyeing at Ai Kobo, now named Factory Ai.

Traditional earthenware indigo pots filled with indigo grown and processed in Shikoku.

When I made a sudden visit to Ai Kobo, I found things being dyed, hanging out to dry, and ready for me to take back to Blue & White.

I was overwhelmed by their industry.

And organization.



Members of Ai Kobo all have specialties.

This woman’s specialty is graduated indigo.  A deep clear indigo disappears into white.  Not an easy technique!


This woman uses old film canisters to  clamp the cloth and produce hear white circles when the shirt is immersed in the indigo dye..

Mastering one technique is a key to the success of Ai Kobo / Factory Ai.  It nurtures pride in one’s own work. This man does pole dyeing shibori.

Man replicates the blues of nature.In the rainy season, hydrangeas treat us to an infinity of Blue.


New best friends. We came across them playing baseball after sumo practice!

A young sumo wrestler

Black dog Basho

Blue collar

Blue glove

True Blue !

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