THE 12 JOYS OF 2018

The thirteenth joy is Blue & White.

Calendar   ¥2,400
Number of calendars:
Card company:
Card number:
Expiration date:
Security code:

Shipping charges
To                           Asia      USA, Europe, Australia       South America, Africa
Airmail:                ¥780                    ¥1,090                                     ¥1,490
Printed Matter:   ¥610                       ¥780                                      ¥1,010
EMS:                  ¥1,400                   ¥2,000                                     ¥2,200

Order by email at:

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1 Response to THE 12 JOYS OF 2018

  1. Carol Ann Eades says:

    Dear Blue and White

    Thank you so much for your reply but as I have been given one as a present I won’t need to order one this year. It is absolutely delightful and as always will bring great joy throughout the year I wish you all much happiness and success for 2018 Best Wishes Carol Ann

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