Blue & White sends you the very best of Japan.
A rising Sun of red chili.

An antiques indigo katazome sleeping futon. 19th century.

A washi Dog of characters for the New Year.

With Best Indigo wishes
And hopes you will come see Blue & White in the New Year.

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  1. namiyama says:

    that chili thing is great!!!! who had this splendid idea????

    All the best



  2. Duncan P Sylvester says:

    The Rising Sun is gorgeous

  3. Godin Brigitte says:

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing such beautiful items. Miss you here in Paris ! Wishing you all the best, Peace and Love and Success !
    Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu

  4. Alaine Lee says:

    Happy 2018, love the doggie in the window. Cannot wait to use my new Blue and White 2018 calendar, it will brighten my kitchen!

  5. Griet Lombard says:

    one day………I will visit. I will arrive in my dreamboat and kick my bucket list.

  6. Joyce Fostr says:

    These are wonderful and bring back fond memories of my visits to Japan and to Blue & White.

  7. Nancy S. says:

    How can we purchase your calendar? We’re in the USA?

  8. Hoping to see your online shop open in 2018!

  9. Li says:

    You dear, dear lady, I really enjoyed this post: beautiful and creative as always! I really wish you had a reality show so that I could see more of your “wonderful life”, but the tidbits on your blog will have to do. Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

  10. Barbara Gardner says:

    ooohh…yay to that!

  11. gglenb@aol.com says:

    Dear Amy, Love Blue and White posts! Looking forward to visiting the New Blue and White with Susan Ball Fader in January. I was there to visit in 2012. Happy New Year to you. Glen Baker

  12. Dawn Chang says:

    Dear Blue and White,

    Happy New Year’s to you also. I received the Blue and White Calendars in good condition at the end of November. I was worried that they would not arrive by Christmas. I have two dear friends that I always give your calendars to for Christmas. They just love them. They recyle them by making gift tags.

    We will be taking our annual trip to Japan in October as usual. We will see you all then. If airfares lower in the spring, we will see then too.

    Warm Hawaiian wishes,

    Roger and Dawn Chang

  13. Christine McCutcheon says:

    I love my 2018 calendar for the Year of the Dog! I save every year, as they are beautiful Blue and White keepsakes commemorating life in Japan. I too would love to see Blue and White online shopping. Happy New Year Amy!

  14. Gigi Gruber says:

    Thanks, Amy, for keeping the spirit of Japan Blue and White so close to each of us, as we are far from Tokyo! You inspire! Happy New Year!

  15. Brigitte Godin says:

    Happy New Year to you Amy! Our meeting in your beautiful shop in May on our way to see our friend Hiroko was a blessing! Thank you! I have a request about buying your beautiful 2018 calendar and I hope your online shopping will open soon!

  16. Grace Kono says:

    Please contact me since it appears my e-mail request for a 2018 Year of the Dog calendar has not been forwarded to you. I would like to purchase one of them. Thank you!

  17. dama_f@bigpond.net.au says:

    Hello I am coming to Tokyo for the quilt show and would love to come to your shop. Could you please send me the address. Thank you Annette Ferguson

    Sent from my iPad


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