The response to our ECOBAG exhibit has been enthusiastic and in thanks Blue & White prepared a small wooden sewing box for all the things that participants will need for their next project.  Scissors, blue threads, white threads, a pin cushion, needles and pins with a tenugui to wipe their brow when it’s hot.  Which it certainly is!  All in a lidded hinoki box.

Thank you one and all for putting needle and thread to tenugui to come up with some wonderfully original ideas.  We hope to keep a line of handmade ECOBAGS in the shop at all times to encourage everyone to give up the insidious plastic shopping bag habit, and give color and character to our shopping bags.


What made us happiest of all was the number of people who responded to our invitation and joined in and went to great troubles to enter the ECOBAG exhibit.  The array of new ideas for shapes and sizes and uses was inspiring.  People all put their heads to making useful new designs for shopping bags they could keep with them at all times and say no thank you when offered yet another plastic bag at the supermarket.

Have a look at a few of the bags we received.


An inviting line up of new shapes made with tenugui we had in the shop sewn by our industrious and imaginative Sayoko Hayasawa


Asako Sangai used her own silk screen designs to make her ECO BAG.  She is a Blue & White graduate and is inspired by the children she now works with.


Noriko Mitsuya is intrigued with the infinite variety of tenugui designs she keeps discovering, and makes different shaped bags to match them.

She was eager to find new tenugui and designed bags for all uses that you can see behind her.  The smashing one she is holding will be her next ECOBAG.


A happy match.  This customer came in and immediately spotted a strong graphic ECOBAG that worked well with her fresh Liberty print dress.


These embroidered whales on a black on black spotted tenugui was a favorite.
No end of shapes or patterns or sizes.
They brighten our lives and make shopping fun while  helping us do our small part to Save the Seas.

Every time we use an EcoBag we put 3 or 4 plastic bags out of business!
Join the Blue & White EcoBag campaign and make one for each day.  What a smart thing to do !


Wild geese on a hand sewn shopping bag for small things.

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  1. namiyama says:

    Beautiful bags … and this little „sewing box“. I hope I can buy one when I see you next time. I love Hinoki boxes!!!

    Preparing origami maple leafs…..


    Von meinem iPad gesendet


  2. Julie Fukuda says:

    Sorry to have missed this, as I have carried an eco-bag for years and decline taking plastic bags. Of course, my tenugui get recycled to quilt backs.

    • Wow Julie! I have been thinking of you a LOT recently and wondering where you were, how you were. Your daily visits are a part of the Blue & White rhythm, and if you don’t come, I worry.
      But here you are leading the way with EcoBags and quilts.
      Whew! You are important in this life!

  3. Li says:

    Beautiful ideas! Hawaii recently got strict re: plastic bags. Any bag, paper or plastic costs 15 cents.
    I try to have a supply on hand, but I now know I need lots of them.

  4. CAROL ANN EADES says:

    Hello Just received your delightful ecobag update and I am inspired to try this in the UK Please can you tell me how I can purchase a kit? Thank you Carol Ann Eades

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. in2soap says:

    Ohhhh, so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  6. mzjohansen says:

    Sigh. Such beautifully mitered corners on that beautiful, simple box! If only I could be in Tokoyo again to stop by for a proj cat kit and some material! Wonderful project!

  7. ooops.
    Make that readY!

  8. Helen L. B. Thompson says:

    Like Carol Eades I too would like to purchase a kit. The boxes are charming too!! I live in Georgia USA and belong to a Textile organization who would no doubt go crazy over your idea. May we copy if we give you credit? Please let me know when the kits are available thanks Helen

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