The year started with a book party with the small handmade books of Jody Alexander of Wishi Washi Studio and Blue & White books. And now, in December, as the days dwindle down to a precious few, my heart is filled with magical moments of the year now ending.

An unforgettable NOH concert at Enoura near Odawara, performed by musicians dressed in authentic costume standing on dramatic ancient  boulders and a glass stage overlooking the ocean.
Our Shibori Christmas tree hung with Blue & White irresistibles and ideas for wrapping
The food was spectacular at Blue & White’s 44th! birthday. Lotus chips and delicious onigiri by Okunushi san our brilliant seamstress and chef. Here a Yuzu roll cake strewn with strawberries – not quite 44!

Sugiura Kazuko, a favorite character appeared in her own handmade creation finished just the night before our BORO Celebration in September. You couldn’t miss her! Below the BORO creators: Mieko Kobayashi, Nora san from Iwate, and Yamazaki san of Nagano.

The annual neighborhood Azabu Juban Matsuri was held on the same Saturday we chose for our Boro Festival so what could be better to join the parade and show how beautifully BLUE & WHITE is in step with the rhythms of the neighborhood!
A trip to the dyers in Takenozuka is always a flying display of the morning’s dyeing. Here Mt. Fuji tenuguis flap under brilliant blue skies.
Above a dynamic baby quilt made with triangles of tenugui materials, hand dyed by different dyers. They give energy and surprise for a little boy to grow up with. Yesterday a grown young man came to the shop with his Mother, telling us about the quilt we had made for him when he was a baby 20 some 20 plus years ago. A forever memory!
Our annual display of hand-dyed indigo Boys’ Day Banners by the clever artisans of FACTORY AI, in March. Factory Ai is a special abilities facility using indigo dyeing as therapy for their members, who produce their ever-original hand-dyed indigo Boys’ Day Carp Banners to celebrate BOYS’ DAY on the 5th of May. Their designs are fresh and free, with patterns as endless as those of the swimming fish they depict.

Two Sashiko workshops each month. Classic Sashiko taught by Yoshiura Kazuko Sensei on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. And Zaku Zaku, zany Sashiko taught by NONOICHI on the 4th Friday. Above is a delightful Sashiko creation by an Israeli student depicting our beloved Otafuku and her consort. Sashiko is a great enabler!

Our dynamic 2020 Calendar filled with ideas and creations of our clever makers who work with needles and threads.

Paired with Indigo cloth, both all and new, Needles and Threads create a universe of variety and possibility and unfettered imagination to make anything you want to make.

2020 promises great things for us all. And small things as well, like mice and sewing projects and threads and needles. The Blue & White Furoshiki is filled with ONE OF A KIND THINGS MADE BY HAND.

THE BLUE & WHITE WORLD is at your fingertips at our OnLine Shop at https://www.blueandwhitejapan.com/online-shop.html . We are waiting for you to share our originality and JOY IN THE NEW YEAR !

You are always welcome to BLUE & WHITE.

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7 Responses to A BLUE & WHITE YEAR

  1. Jill hall says:

    Another blue ribbon/banner year for Blue & White – an amazing institution and inspiration

  2. Judy (Forrest) Dupee says:

    So many treasures over the 44 years still ring true to the original Blue and White vision to honor the creativity and beauty in the handmade. Here’s to the 45th! Happy New Year!

  3. Rose Vivien says:

    Every photo beautiful and inspirational! Am so much looking forward to visiting again from NZ, in February. Happy New Year to you all.

  4. Alaine Lee says:

    Once again the calendars were a bit hit as Christmas presents. You have a loyal following!

  5. doriann57 says:

    Thank you for the inspiration year ’round! Wish I could be there all year, but a few days over the winter holiday break will have to suffice. Looking forward to stopping by Blue and White soon.

  6. doriann57 says:

    Thank you for the inspiration year ’round. I wish I could visit throughout the year, but a few days over the winter holidays will have to suffice. Looking forward to seeing the new shop!

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