Despite the chaotic panic of Corona Virus, the natural world continues its own steadfast course. Birds fly. Flowers and trees bud and bloom. And fish swim.

photo kindness of Becky Wells

This week, thousands of tiny salmon were released into the Sumida River by school children in Koto Ward, who had grown them from eggs in their classrooms. We wish them long life!


On Monday, 150 Indigo Carp came to swim at Blue and White from Factory Ai, a facility for Special Abilities people using indigo dyeing as therapy for their disabilities. The flashing, multi-patterned, indigo creations are dancing from the ceiling where they will be on display til May 5, Boys’ Day, celebrating the bravery of boys, like the carp who courageously swim up waterfalls.

The joyful spirit and only one patterns of these Carp make them irresistible!
With patterns as varied as the Carp themselves, it is hard to choose which ones to take home. How to match them? We recommend choosing three: Small, Medium and Large for the boys of the family. Great baby presents too, to hang inside or out.
Girls always welcome!


A Carp free-for-all at feeding time.
Koi Inspiration: The Remarkable Weaving of Sophie Wise, a dedicated young weaver living in Tokyo
She starts by hand dyeing the skeins of lustrous silk
Then she sets up her loom to weave her intricate designs

Sophie Wise, a gifted young American weaver living in Tokyo takes inspiration from the natural world of Japan as well as its contemporary architecture and features it in her weaving. We will present her Koi (Carp) inspired textiles in Blue & White from Saturday March 15. Her tapestries will swim with the indigo carp of Ai Kobo. Like us, you too will be intrigued with her ingenuity and dedicated craftsmanship when you see her work.

Table runners. tapestries, wall hangings, Sophie’s original creations are sure to brighten your life, and remind you of the flash and spirit of Japan.

Fish are jumping! at Blue & White!

Huggable Tai (red snapper) cushion by YAYA
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3 Responses to FISH GOTTA SWIM !

  1. Wendy Miyaji says:

    Greetings Blue and White I was wondering if it was possible to order a carp to be delivered to Tochigi .

    Thank you, Wendy Miyaji.

    PS I have been thinking about asking you for a few tears but always leave it too late !


  2. Wilma says:

    Thank you Amy. This is, yet again, a wonderful, inspirational post from you!
    Brightening our days and keeping our minds creative in these worrying times.

  3. Florence Boogaerts says:


    This may be my favorite installation at Blue and White. Joyous

    You recommended Amuse Museum long ago and I went alone to see the boros. At the Japan Society last Sunday before we were in lockdown I met the new director, a nice young man, who said it is going to reopen. I took my granddaughter to hear Kyoichi Tsuzuki talk, a jolly guy. The exhibit along with his presentation was funny and wise.

    All the best Florence


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