ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We’ve been quietly staying at home mending, cleaning, eating! and reading for a very long time now! Working on many projects. We got a lot done, not going out. Not seeing people. It has been good – up to a point!

The Kintsugi was easy! Many of my too many broken dishes are now brought back to life beautifully, thanks to a skilled artisan I found, Hirayama san, at Dark Eyes Gallery in Karuizawa who mended them seamlessly. The zabuton floor cushions are nearly all mended – it takes me a very long time! The masks took a little time to figure out which was the best pattern, and how to make them.

But lives are harder to put back together. We weep at the unbelievable tragedies happening in Minneapolis now and around the US, and around the world. Will the wounds ever heal? Will things ever be put right again? We must all do what we can to help mend these deeply broken places.

We got used to the new order of things after a while. Keeping our distance. Not going out to restaurants or museums or movies. We found ways to exercise. But not going outside? No hugs? No BLUE & WHITE ? REALLY? What is life for after all? It’s TO LIVE! So we’d best do as we’re told, and get back to living in a new way. Sensibly, carefully, considerately. Picking up the pieces. Mending them if need be. Then slowly, cautiously going back to life as we once lived it. It may never ever be the same, but let’s give it a go. Try, and see what happens! Softly, gently. Ever careful not to get too close. Avoiding crowded places. Remembering to keep safe at all times. Enough of isolation!

Indigo Shibori mask by Ikeda Daigo of Ikeda Kasuri Kobo in Kurume

BLUE & WHITE will open quietly, gently, safely on Friday, June 19. We will have hand sanitizers and other protections. Handmade masks will be for sale. Tenugui will also be available. Tied around your your head, they also also do the job of keeping your mouth and nose covered.

Customer’s home made mask made with our Genki tenugui

We need each other now. More than ever we need to connect. To chat. To share our lives. BLUE & WHITE is a space for connecting, for keeping community strong. Being together, again! At last!

Hayasawa Sayoko, stylish in Boro

From Friday June 19, we will be here at BLUE & WHITE. Eager to see you again. Old favorites will be waiting for you.

One of a kind ZAKU ZAKU bag – Crazy Sashiko by NONO ICHI – workshops 4th Friday of the month. From July we hope!
Smart little Sashiko Indigo satchels by Yoshiura Kazuko. Workshops 2nd Tuesdays of the month. Colorful embroideries by Sora to Umi, Special Abilities Workshop in Funabashi, Chiba
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  1. Mora Chartrand says:

    The pictured Zaku Zaku bag is gorgeous. Are they ever for sale online? I would be most interested to know more about them, such as size/capacity, selection, availability, and pricing. With many thanks in advance for any information you can provide. And as always, greetings from Portland, Oregon to you all!

    • Thank you for writing, Mora Chartrand. The bag is gorgeous indeed, but since it is one of a kind, it is not online, but you can order it directly at shop@blueandwhitejapan.com. Details: Y24,000 plus Y2,400 sales tax and Y1,500 shipping and handling. Size: 40c. wide (15.8″) 25 c. high (9.8 “). Handles 8 c. high, 3+ “. Inside is spacious: plenty of room for computer, make-up, drink, pens phone and glasses. BUT: right now, the Japanese Post Office is not accepting packages addressed to the US. If you are interested we can put it aside for you. Good to hear from you! Warmest wishes to Portland. Glad the Garden is OPEN!

  2. pchs72 says:

    I the USA, for African Americans and Native Americans, things haver never been put right. Until necessary and significant changes sre accomplished here, their lives cannot be right, nor will be any of ours. This is not a rebuke or rant, but it is important to keep this always in our minds and hearts in order to make those changes happen. Language matters.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I shudder to think of what some people have been through, and are still going through day after day, in most cases unchecked, unnoticed, and certainly uncorrected. SHAME ON US ALL! This is the most critical thing to be put right. And never ever forget keep working on it.

  3. Hurray for Blue and White! Can’t wait to stop in next week! xoxo

  4. Razia Ben Gurion says:

    hello blue&white, i love your posts; i learn a lot, i would like to participate in the workshops you offer, but meanwhile, what is tengui ? thank you very much

    • Thank you for writing. A tenugui is a 15 x 35 c. length of cotton hand printed in strong patterns and lively colors, mostly just blues and whites at our shop. They are used to wipe the brow, the hands, dishes, and whatever needs a wipe. They are small textile messages of Japan, favored as gifts, and the indispensable tools of workmen, sushi chefs, gardeners and farmers. Workshops are still on hold. We’ll let you know on the blag
      when they start up again.

  5. Lauren says:

    Glad to see you and your team are doing well! Hope to stop in soon.

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