Welcome to Blue & White

where Japan Then and Japan Now join hands and play.  

For over 46 years, we have gathered artists who share our spirit and make contemporary things for daily life that capture the essence of old Japan.

Tenugui that encourage us to hang in there and be GENKI – energetic, blue and white dishes for lively tables, indigo and other cloth to wear or dress up our interiors.  Combined with distinctive pieces from the flea markets – an old sake pourer, an antique blue and white soba cup, a serving plate.

Put them all together and what do you get?  Fresh, clean combinations of old and new, blue and white that express your unique character (style)  and taste.  

Thank you for following our blog.

We know we’re not always great about timely updates here. We’re trying to be better, but if you would like to see more, we post regularly on our instagram account, so please follow us there!


We’ve also been adding more products to our website, so please take a look at our new selection.


And finally, we’ll be relaunching a new website soon, so please stay tuned. And stay safe everyone!!!

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10 Responses to Welcome to Blue & White

  1. Susan Price-Jang says:

    I love Blue and White. Keep me updated. Reminds me of the times I traveled thru the Japanese country side in 1975 thru 1978. I visited weavers, dyers, and crafts people in general. Wonderful time. Susan Price


  2. Jacqui Wilson says:

    I love a Blue & White email in my inbox, regardless of when it comes. It a lovely moment for me to pause and enjoy Japan. It helps me focus my Genki and go on with my day. No apology necessary.
    Thank you

    • Thank you Ms Wilson!
      In an effort to better connect with friends near and far in these difficult days, we’re busy preparing a new website (coming soon!) which we’ll hope you’ll enjoy.
      In the meantime, we post pretty regularly on Instagram (www.instagram.com/blueandwhite_japan) and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/BlueandWhiteJapan/). Our blog posts are a bit less regular, so please follow us on Instagram (if you use it) and you’ll get more in your inbox!
      We hope to see you in the shop soon!
      Please stay safe, with love from Tokyo.

  3. Thank you Susan – Blue & White loves you too! And yes, the countryside is truly gorgeous… It’s easy to forget this when you live in the concrete jungle.
    Please follow us on Instagram (we’re much better updating there), and check out our online shop – we’ve added a bunch of new items for you to look at! And a major overhaul is in the works, too!
    Even better, come back to visit, once this madness subsides. We’ll throw out the red carpet!

  4. Julie Fukuda says:

    I was so excited to come shopping today, but sad to find the shop was closed.

    • So sorry we missed you!
      Unfortunately with the various restrictions here, we are temporarily operating on restricted hours. Please check our website (www.blueandwhitejapan.com) for the opening times.
      And hope to see you back at the shop.
      We have also added some more items to the online shop, in case it’s difficult for you to make in physically.
      Please stay safe!
      Blue & White

  5. Love the blue and white gauze towels.

  6. Joan in Jerusalem says:

    Is there any possibility that Blue and White can sell obi with a cat graphic on it like the one worn with yukata in your September 2017 blog entry? And my oh my, that GORGEOUS grey silk stole!

    • Hello Joan,
      Sorry for the late reply. Those pictures were taken during a matsuri (festival) in our neighborhood, and that obi was worn by a customer. As you may know, there are endless types of obi, and we just don’t know where that customer found hers.
      We’ll keep an eye out for it though!
      For stoles, I’m not sure which the grey one you’re referring to is, but likely the same situation.
      We do, however, have a selection of stoles available in the shop, and you can also check out some of the options that we’ve put up in our online shop. Please do take a look around – https://www.blueandwhitejapan.com/store/c29/Accessories.html
      We’ll be adding more items with our upcoming relaunch of the website, too, so please stay tuned!
      Blue & White

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