Upcoming events at Blue & White and around Tokyo.

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  1. Gijs van Waesberghe says:

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    2 years ago I was in Tokyo and bought some little spoons at your shop. I would like to know if you still sell them. It is hard to descripe how they look like, but can I send you a picture of the spoon? And if yes could you send me an email address where I can send the picture to?

    Kind Regards,

    Gijs van Waesberghe

  2. Alicia Reynolds says:

    Hello, I’ve just moved to Tokyo this week, and a friend of ours Victoria Becker, suggested I get in touch with you. I am very interested in quilting, knitting, and needlepoint, and was wondering if you knew of any Japanese quilting workshops that are ‘English friendly’. My daughter and I were in your store this weekend. It’s wonderful ! Alicia Reynolds.

    • Dear Alicia

      Welcome to Tokyo. I know you will, like Victoria, find it an exciting place to live.
      There are lots of handy activities to tap into.
      Julie Fukuda has a quilting group. Look her up into
      She is into a myriad a things and her community work is inspiring.
      Blue & White has a Sashiko class on the 2nd Thursday of each month. One in the morning, one in the afternoon. You need to sign up asap because the few seats there are go quickly. English somehow sorts itself out.
      We have a Blue & White ex manager, Miwaki Kimura,who has a quilting group in Hachioji, about 1 hour out of Tokyo. Her English and her knowledge of Japanese textiles are exceptional.
      Sometime next month, we will have a Chiku Chiku exhibit and workshop, probably on a Saturday in November. this is a rough and linear form of Sashiko that even Victoria enjoyed. Will let you know when we set the date.
      There. That might get you started.
      You also might look up, a charming blog about decorating/styles and flea markets in Tokyo and how they connect with our other lives. Great tips on how to enjoy life here. As a bonus, Jacqueline, the author, is an accomplished quilter, and wrote an impressive precis of the quilt work that she and Julie Fukuda and others have done for quilts for the American School.
      More informaton than you wanted, but I hope it will be of some help.
      Look forward to welcoming you to B&W in person.
      Let us know if we can help,

      blue & white amy

  3. Maryvonne WETSCH says:

    I live in Paris and I visit you every time I come to Tokyo. I also have yoru Otafuku book.
    My friend Narita san tells me you will probably soon exhibit the work of a lady living in/near Niigata and making a kind of giant sahiko.
    could you please give me more information about this event? i’d like to see this sashiko.
    with kind regards
    Maryvonne Wetsch

    • You came didn’t you !
      Despite the fact that I rudely had not replied to you.
      Very sorry I missed your message.
      It was lovely to meet you and hear about your life and love of Japan.
      And be dazzled by your lovely scarf that matched your all absorbing nature.
      Awaiting your next visit eagerly.
      warmest wishes

  4. Maryvonne WETSCH says:

    I cam
    and now I am beck in Paris
    I have met my friend who is selling scarves and more, she was helding exhibition at her home but actually has NO similar one as the one you love.Sorry.
    As her address is “BrigitteSilberstein7561” , you might write her (she speaks fluent english) and tell her about your love, so that she might find one for you when she’ll be travelling to India again? Please tell her Maryvonne Wetsch (that’s me !) gave you her e mail address.
    I did not finish my Chika Chika Sashiko bag yet, I have been very busy with being in paris again !
    I miss Japan and will come as soon as possible.

  5. Maryvonne WETSCH says:

    I am back, not beck !!!

  6. Julie Collard says:

    I lived in Saga-ken, Kyushu, in the early 90s and fell in love with blue and white pottery from Arita town. A couple of years later I was living in London and came across your books. Now I’m getting the chance to visit Japan again and am excited to be visiting Tokyo on Saturday 26 October and will be coming to your delightful shop to visit. I can’t wait!!

    • Oh Julie !
      How I would love to see you, but I am in New York right now and won’t be back in Blue & White til October 29th.
      Any chance you can jiggle ?
      Otherwise, Yanagi san will be in the shop on Saturday and I will tell her you are coming.
      I am sure you will be heading straight to Kyushu after that or before.
      Hope I don’t miss you !
      Thanks for writing.
      The new calendars will be in and waiting for you.
      They are particularly fun this year – Mottainai !
      best to you
      Blue & White amy

  7. Doriann says:

    I am so happy to be coming to Tokyo on holiday, arriving December 27th. A return visit to Blue & White is on my “must do” list. Looking forward to seeing the 2014 calendar. Will you kindly let me know when you are closing for O-shogatsu so I can be sure to stop in before you close? Thanks so much!

  8. Carol Ann Eades says:

    Please can you let me know how I can buy a 2014 calendar. I live in the UK

  9. Kay Yanev says:

    I do subscribe to email/blog. However can NOT find a way to ask if there are any upcoming events etc. Considering coming to Tokyo this fall, have interacted in past, would love to know what is happening in time to plan, would love to meet inspirational Amy, etc. Can NOT get website to allow contact OR upcoming events. Thanks,
    Kay Yanev

  10. Isabelle says:

    Hi there!

    I’m a graduated fashion student (denim development) and I’m from the Netherlands. Currently, I live in Tokyo and I’m very interesed in fabric, textile, indigo, japanese shibori/ikat etc. Do you have some tips about workshops, courses? Or maybe places to visit like factories etc to see how the process will looks like.
    Hope to hear from you!

    Kind regards,

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